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White House, Financial Services Companies Pledge New Commitments to Service Members

In partnership with the White House, five member companies of the Financial Services Roundtable and its Housing Policy Council pledged a new voluntary commitment today to broaden the financial protections of active duty military customers who are serving their nation.

FSR Members’ Pledge Commitments to Servicemembers

  Today President Barack Obama announced voluntary industry commitments by several member companies to the Financial Services Roundtable and its Housing Policy Council to broaden the companies’ efforts under the...

How banks can back our nation’s military heroes

Homeownership, and the stability that comes with it, is a key goal for many members of the United States military service. Seventy-five percent of military members and their families say...

3 Reasons Why the New CFPB Complaint Portal Won’t Be Based on Facts

Government websites are supposed to be the place to go for people to find authoritative facts. By posting unverified information onto their government website, CFPB will be tacitly endorsing what is in the complaints. That doesn’t help consumers.


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