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What’s one simple answer for Americans saving for retirement? SAVE 10

Today’s Senate Finance hearing provided interesting statistics on two important facts: 1) Americans that are saving for retirement aren’t saving nearly enough and 2) Knowing how much to save can be confusing, so some just don’t get started.

Get Ready For The .bank Web Domain Gold Rush

(The Financial Brand) - The .com world has become overcrowded, making it difficult for financial institutions to stand out. But thousands of new domains — including .bank and .creditunion — are making their way to the internet. The new domains open up much needed real estate on the web, providing new marketing and branding opportunities.

FSR Urges Congress to Approve Collins Fix

FSR sent 2 letters to Capitol Hill today, urging House leadership and members of Congress to vote for Barr-Miller bill headed to the House floor today that would codify flexibility for the Federal Reserve in regulating capital standards for insurance companies and other critical technical corrections to the Dodd Frank Act which have broad, bipartisan support.

Retailers beef up cybersecurity

Sandy Kennedy, president of RILA, writes about the importance of collaboration in creating the most effective individual cyberdefense program.


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